03 February 2014


Tyler had such a good time in Hawaii last December with Alison and Matt that he managed to talk Bernie's parents into going this year for Thanksgiving. We talked his brother and sister-in-law into coming too.  Normally, I would choose to vacation somewhere new before going back to the same place again, but it is hard to argue with Tyler who LOVES the beach there!  It was actually quite a different trip this time because we stayed in a condo away from Waikiki but with its own beautiful lagoon beach (no sharks!) and we got to do several things we hadn't done last time.  

Here is the sunset on our lagoon the first night we were there.

The next day we went into Waikiki to introduce everyone to the yummy udon place from last time per Tyler's request.

Followed by dessert of shave ice at the best shave ice place on the island.

We went to the Foster Botanical Garden in the middle of downtown and met this little guy and lots of other beautiful and interesting trees and flowers.

One day it was quite rainy, so we went to the only indoor activity we could find, the Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor.  While it was interesting and everyone enjoyed it, I found it way over priced.

Bernie was so sad we hadn't had time for the Dole Pineapple Plantation last year so we had to make sure we made it this year.  Tyler loved the train ride around the plantation, 

and of course eating the famous Dole Whip!  While it was yummy, I don't think it is worth the crazy long lines people wait in at Disneyland for it.

We took a drive all the way up the west side of the island to where the road ends at Ka'ena State Park, an absolutely gorgeous beach!

Although it was kind of a rainy trip, we did enjoy as much beach time as possible in our lagoon.  It was perfect.  Tyler could swim out and see fish without worrying about the big waves and go right back to building his sand castles.  

We are in trouble because Tyler is already asking when we can go back again.  Maybe I will try to at least talk him into a different island next time!

18 November 2013

Fun Fall Activities


Bernie was out of the country for pretty much the entire month of September, so Tyler and I tried to stay busy with sports!  Tyler started his first session of tennis lessons and enjoyed it so much we signed up for the next session.  

Tyler has also been unofficially learning to play golf since Grandma and Grandpa got him a putter and a wedge for his birthday.  Grandpa takes him out to the driving range and putting green at his club and Tyler refuses to listen to most instruction.  But he is having a great time.  One day, he was out there for over an hour and got a nasty blister, so we had to get him a glove.  He did not complain about the blister at all and was quite proud of it.

Fall Break

For Tyler's fall break, we had a trip planned to Detroit to visit Aunt Susan and Judy.  Originally Bernie was not going to come, but because of his being gone for so long, he met us there on his way back from Saudi Arabia.

We went to an apple orchard where we had a great time picking apples and berries

and we got to eat yummy cider and doughnuts!  There is really nothing better than that.  So hard to come back to Dunkin Donuts now.

When the Tigers made the playoffs, we were excited that we would be in Detroit, so we got tickets to Game 3 of the Division Series.  While we had a good time, unfortunately they lost (although they did go on to win the series).

We also went to the Henry Ford Museum where Tyler had a fantastic time looking at all the old farm equipment, cars, planes and trains.

He even got to build his own Model T at a mini assembly line.

And because Aunt Susan had heard how much Tyler is enjoying golf these days, she decided it was time he played miniature golf.  So we went for his first outing and he had so much fun!  Too bad they tore down the miniature golf place by our house to build some apartments.

Alison and Matt Visited

A few days after we got home from Michigan, Alison and Matt came to visit.  We took the opportunity to visit some places in the city we had never been to.  First the Pueblo Grande Museum,

and then the Hole in the Rock at Papago where I nearly had a heart attack as Tyler kept walking farther and farther out.

We also went to the Tempe Oktoberfest where Tyler had fun riding a bunch of rides

and doing the polka with Matt.


The following weekend we went camping with the Larsons, our 3rd trip of the year.  We didn't go far though because we were too late in our planning, so we ended up at McDowell Mountain Regional Park outside Fountain Hills.  Not too exciting but the kids had fun which is mostly what matters.

Pumpkin Patch

The last weekend of October we managed to get in our trip to Mother Nature's Farm with Minh.


The next day we took our annual trip to Sedona to see the fall color and hike the West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon trail.  Bad news: I think we were again a week late for the peak color.  Good news: We made it all the way to the end finally!  The trail is about 7 miles roundtrip.  We were gone for 5 hours and Tyler never complained, it was amazing!  He of course loved counting the many stream crossings, 13 each way.


We carved our pumpkin and Tyler was not a fan of the pumpkin guts.

And here we all are ready for trick-or-treating.  Tyler really wanted Bernie and I to dress up and luckily Bernie had recently gotten some free construction garb so it worked out.

One day maybe we will have a weekend with no plans and we can just relax, but so far I'm not seeing that in the near future!

31 August 2013

Hold On To Your Hats

We are going on a whirlwind ride to recap the last 5 months when I have been a total blogging slacker!


After nearly 3 and a half years of Tyler refusing to participate in or crying through swim lessons, I finally tried something new, ISR, and Tyler conquered his fear of putting his face in the water and learned to swim!


We went to Tucson for a memorial service for my uncle.  I ran up to the room at our hotel quickly and they all took this picture while I was gone.

Mother's Day

Tyler played Tball

Tyler went fishing for the first time on our Memorial Day camping trip to Roper Lake State Park with the Larsons.

Tyler got a scooter for his birthday.


We had Tyler's birthday party (he has expensive taste like his daddy and requested an ice cream cake from Cold Stone).


We took an East Coast vacation, starting with visiting Bernie's friend, Ritchie, and his family in DC.  We went down to the National Mall,

and the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

Then we went to the Philadelphia area to visit our old neighbors who moved there last year.  We went to the beach,

the Please Touch Museum,

Tyler State Park,

Independence Hall,

and the Liberty Bell.

Then we moved on to New York City.  We visited the Natural History Museum with Bernie's friend, Ryan,

the Empire State Building,

the M&M store in Times Square,

the Statue of Liberty,

met our friends, Pete and Jenny's new baby,

and ended at Central Park.

The week after we came home, we went on a second camping trip with the Larsons to Prescott.

The week before school started, Tyler and I went to Seattle to visit some friends, Amanda, Andrew, Olivia and new baby Ben.  Tyler and Olivia had a great time playing Legos together.


Bernie's brother, Eddie, got married in the Bay Area.  Tyler was the ring bearer.

Tyler had a great time playing with some cousins from Australia.

Bernie and I went to Santa Barbara the next weekend for the wedding of his middle school friend, Ryan.

The four musketeers from middle school.

Finally, Tyler learned to ride his bike without training wheels!

If you made it all the way through this post, thanks!